If the meaning of dreaming of keys was associated with opportunities, freedom and the ability to choose, the padlocks dream is the opposite. Before starting the interpretation it is important to you to notice some details:

  • How is the lock? Open, closed, broken, new and shiny, old and tired ..
  • What is it that binds or closed? A door leads somewhere, some personal item, 2 people, something of value, nothing ..
  • Where is it located? Look well surrounding the lock because it may give a clue to what aspect of your real life refers sleep.
  • What color is it? Unless the color has a leading role, this will not be very important.
  • What happens to it? You open it, do not you get it open, locked, break it ..

Knowing all this must take into account that when the lock closes a door, usually you’ve missed an opportunity to reach your target, unless you get break and cross over. The same happens when the lock prevents access to any object or person. This thing that you can not get is what you need to associate with your day to see what it is.

Sometimes also unlock a lock is interpreted as the fact stop repressing something, usually a feeling. show how time has come for you.

Many people think that if the lock is already broken from the start means that you have open to progress on your goal, however, it is the way how your subconscious reflects uncertainty to move forward.

Have you dreamed of padlocks or locks and want to know why? Leave a comment