In dreams, lipsticks, usually mean something about lies, deceptions and half-truths. They are identified with a distinct lack of sincerity and how adultery or infidelity.

In some cases, this dream denotes that the person who has, for some reason, is considered superior to others. You think you have more value than the people around you, and you deserve to be above them. Depending on the color of the lipstick its interpretation will be more of a sense of maturity, typically typical teens.

If you who wears lipstick (and you’re a girl) is the way that your subconscious wants to give importance to your lips. For some reason the points you to pay attention to them. The most frequent is to relate them kisses.
If what strikes you from your dream is the red lipstick, the dream will have some sexual connotation.

If you’re a man and you have painted lips, it means that you fear being a victim of a heavy or being ridiculed in public in a short period of time joke.

If you are “competing” for the love of a child with someone else and it uses lipstick in your dream, means you will be victorious in that particular war. You do not get to win the boy, at least for now. If the protagonist of your dream is someone in your surroundings and being painted lips while looking at you, it means you’re hiding something, or is talking about you behind your back. It’s not legit.

Note that in dreams many times the people we meet are represented with a different physical, so please be aware of every detail to know exactly who it is.

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