If a lion appears in your dream usually refers to a force acting on you, guiding you. Depending on what happens during sleep and the attitude of the animal, have a meaning or another.

For example, if you get the lion or tiger subject means that this force will give you victory before a possible showdown. Not mean it is a real fight, it may be a confrontation with a problem or a particular situation. If this control to get the lion inside his own cage, success will possibly approaching a strong relationship with the business or the economy. Also, usually referred to the attraction to the opposite sex desprendes.

If you’re the one dominated by the lion, the result is totally opposite as possibly you will fail in your goals. You do not get to achieve the proposed goal.

If you only see lions or tigers in cages and not interact with them, it means that the fact succeed or fail in meeting the project will depend solely on you. Destiny is not written yet.

If you dream of even very young lions are no longer puppies, it means that your new projects can bring you great success if you get to perform them correctly.

When a woman dreams of cubs lion or tiger, they refer to the new fans that are coming.

The lion skin will always correlated with an increase in your fortune and your level of happiness. It is a very good sleep.

However, it is not as good dream a lion’s head growling and showing his teeth at a height superior to ours, as this denotes great find opposition when improve professionally.

If you are mounted above the lion, it is a sign of great valor and courage on your part you will bring much satisfaction.

If you’ve dreamed of a lion or tiger and want help to know the meaning, leave a comment explaining your dream in detail. We will help!