Dreaming of libraries and how lots of books (they are where they are) is usually related to the search for answers and how the desire to acquire more knowledge.

It is important to correctly decipher this dream keep in mind what your role in the library so that state how the books are. In so:

If there is a library with normal appearance and you are a user of it means you have doubts about what has to be your position on a particular subject. You also may not know how you should react to a situation that is new to you.
Yes, but apparently the library has nothing strange but you work in the same means that the dream will refer to the state of your ideas. If the books are in the right place means you know what you want and how to do it. On the contrary, if the library is all disorder means that in real life have not at all clear. You must sit and meditate on what it is you want exactly.
To dream of empty shelves in a very specific topic interprets how your shortcomings in this area, which could sneak around hurting your day.
Have you dreamed of being in a library and do not know what it means? I tell us!