Dreaming of your own legs is something good, you can interpret how you’re back to having self confidence after a stroke or backwards. It’s time to re-take control of your life. If you dream legs of another person is a sign of admiration or affection you feel for it. You may not recognize the person in the dream, but something in the environment or some little detail as you can see you will identify it quickly.

If you get hurt in the leg, or direct you dream about some lame or injured in them, means that you need some stability. Almost always the dreamer needs more independence than currently available, hence their subconscious represent that lack with bruises on the legs or difficulty walking.

If you have a wooden leg (wooden leg) in the dream is nothing wrong, contrary to what many people think. It is a sign that back to stabilize you. You are regaining the balance that you lacked in life. Possibly a new emergence of someone new (or someone you recover from your past).

The fact dreaming that have a shorter or longer than the other leg also interprets how a lack of balance in your real life. There is something wrong in your life and should remedy if you do not want the problem will get worse. Think if you miss anything missing or if you have left something not do you any good.

If a woman (or young girl) dreams that have much hair on the legs is very significant. You feel you have a very dominant attitude towards others, should be more flexible and understanding.

If you have more than two legs is a sign that you try to make too many goals at once. You do not feel qualified to address them get everyone. Remember who all trades.

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