The dreams in which leeches appear usually have a meaning related to the fact that a person is taking advantage of another.

Generally, the person that leeches  “bite” is the same dreamer. Then it is easy to guess that he thinks that someone in your environment may be taking advantage of their goodwill.

The interpretation of dreams is not as simple as that, because you have to go a step further. Some determinant things can be:

In what part of your body they are: if you are on your feet means that the person who takes advantage of you can hurt your way to your goals. If hands is often work-related. In the mouth it affect your communication or relationships. In the head, the way you think or see things ..

How many Leeches are there: it is not for sure, but more leeches usually more people try to make their own benefit at your expense.

What injury do they cause on you: the larger the wound that leave you, the more you will be affecting this. For example, if you cause a lot of blood it will mean that the attitude of these people have very negative in you. But if you do not want to say anything that you do not cause any problems.

Kill leeches is the way your subconsicente symbolizes the fact to end that relationship benefit of others at our expense. It reflects the fact that use cut that had been given.

If you’ve dreamed of leeches and want to explain everything that happened, do it by leaving a comment. We want to read it!