Many of you have asked us about the meaning of dreams in which appeared knives, daggers, swords, spikes, knives and all kinds of sharp weapons. Keep in mind that depending on the attitude of the person wearing the interpretation may be completely different.

Some points in common with these dreams are that there is a confrontation (can be a problem, an enemy, someone you want to harm an obstacle ..). Does not have to be a reference to a battle or fight with someone else, because in most cases it is a metaphor created by your subconscious.

Some important details to understand the dream:

  • Who carries the knife? Do you? Does your friend? An enemy? A familiar? An unknown person? A thief?
  • What are you doing with it? You can be defending, someone attacks you, you stab another …
  • If it hurts, what kind of injuries causes?
  • How is the dagger or knife?
  • Where does everything happen?

Once you have discovered all this, you have some tracks you will know where to go meaning.

In most cases the reference is to a problem you have (you know exists or may come soon) and your reaction to it. If you run away if you try to kill it ..

If someone stick a knife, especially if it is in the back, is a reference to a review. Depending on the damage you cause you know how it is affecting you in real life.

If you are only with a knife in your hand (usually large) reflects a feeling of rage, anger, or revenge.

Have You dreamed of knives or razors and do not know the meaning? Leave a comment telling us everything you can remember!