The dreams in which they appear kisses, are frequent in people experiencing a lull in their lives. According giver or recipient kissing, its meaning can be completely different.

If you’ve never kissed anyone and dream of a kiss on the lips, denotes the desire you have of that happening. Craving already have your first kiss. Think your time has come and it is only a matter of time comes.

If you kiss the hand of someone you know is because you feel great respect for that person. It is a sign of admiration for others. It is possible that in your sleep the person who is familiar not directly appear, but someone who for some reason makes you think of him or her. The same happens when the kiss in question is on the cheek, but sometimes only shows a strong friendship that is in a good time.

Kissing yourself is a sign of acceptance. Something you did not like you begin to tell you the most familiar. Te causes less rejection. It is also a symbol that you are gaining confidence. It’s a good dream, oddly thee.

If you kiss on the neck someone appeals to you physically, its meaning is nothing but your subconscious which clearly demonstrates the passion and chemistry that exists in you to that person. If you do not know who you kiss, it is because you want to have a relationship of this type.

It is possible that even with couple, dream about kissing someone who is not your boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s almost always because you’re a jealous person. It’s just an indication of this.

If when you’re about to kiss that special person for you (that guy or girl you like) you wake up it’s because you’re not sure of the feelings you have towards you. Afraid I can refuse you, but still, you’re looking forward to having an affair with that someone.

Have you dreamed of kissing someone (or kissing in general) and want to know what it means? Tell us everything you remember it happened leaving your comment and I will try to help.