In dreams we usually interpreted royalty how improving yourself, the fact be getting a goal. Generally, if you identify the figure of a king or queen means you are reaching your goals, being successful and moving forward. The recognition of this is what you would like to identify themselves do unto others and some shows to prove his admiration.
If we go a little deeper into the meaning of this dream, we must begin to differentiate between the two:
Dreaming of kings
You are about to achieve that goal you seek. The fact achieve it or not depends solely on you. Have ability to do and means. You know, with the corresponding effort, be able to that. You do not know what to try? Look at everything that surrounds the king. What about him? Is anything catches your eye? He say anything? All this may be clues to help you figure it out.
In other cases, a king dream reflects the need for parental support, makes you feel that side. Although not as common, it could also be associated with authority or power. Need not be imposed, sometimes it is just the feeling that you have much control over something.
Not everything is positive, you may feel guilty for having acted in an authoritarian or too possessive. It is also associated with a possible overconfidence.
Dreaming of Queens
In this case, the interpretation will result in very similar lines. Also very related to power or responsibility characteristics may reflect many queens and intuition. You feel you are able to determine whether or not something will be beneficial for you only based on your initial feelings. It could be a gift. Ta Queen can also represent the mother figure. It is common when the dreamer longs for the affection of a mother, the fact being wrapped.
If you’re a girl and you have dreamed of a queen, it’s because you like to achieve greater social and economic status. In dreams compounds also refers to a homosexual person but you should monitor fine details before starting to crack.
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