Encountering Jesus in a dream, especially if You are a devout person (believer) can be interpreted as a fulcrum. When an extra face a situation of force. It is very common in times when you feel some weakness, the need for aid to adversity.

It is formed by your subconscious motivation. should not scare you sleep, you must understand how a message of encouragement.

If you have this particular dream is because it is on a day that is important to you. You’re probably not going through a good time as to your self-esteem is concerned.

Call Jesus or repeat his name during the dream is a call for help, almost relief.

The meaning is very different if Jesus speaks to you. In this case you should consider two things:

  • If you understand what that tells you, surely it is advice that you should follow as it will be beneficial.
  • If you do not understand reflects a state of inner peace, calm, or the need for it.

Usually people who have this dream know that things will work out, even if they doubted at some point. Be strong and do not worry. You have sufficient capacity to achieve what you propose.

Have You dreamed of Jesus (Christ) and still do not know the reason? Explain in great detail what you remember.