This dream in question is usually accompanied by a sense of guilt, so if you dream of being imprisoned in a jail or prison, it is very possible that the meaning of it has a relationship with something you’ve done (or not done) lately.

The fact of being in prison is considered a punishment received by people who have done things they should not. So if in your dream you see yourself locked, it may be the way your mind tells you that you have done or intend to do something that is not right.

It is also possible that something you can not control prevent you from doing what you really want. Imagine, for work, you can not attend a party you want to go. Maybe your dream will represent yourself without freedom, forced to stay somewhere against your will (eg prison).

On the other hand, it could refer to any choking situation more psychological than physical. There is something much overwhelms you to the point of feeling trapped.

If it is your partner who is in prison, it may be that no longer merits (or not think deserves) your confidence as in the beginning. There is something that makes you think you fools.

If someone around you who is imprisoned appears, it is because you think you do not deserve something you’d offer. It could be something physical or something intangible, how it can be a liability.

When a person is depressed, it is very possible to have dreams in which prisons appear, since it is a sentiment that can not escape.

It’s not a dream you have to worry at all, because it is most common.

You dream that you are in jail? Tell us with details and we will help you discover its meaning! ūüôā