This is one of the most recurrent dreams in the world. It’s pretty nasty, especially if you are the victim of infidelity. Yet its meaning is not always bad. Now interpret what it means in each of the cases.

If you are who commits adultery and have an extramarital affair is a clear indication that you wish (may be of any type) that are being repressed. This does not mean you want your cuckold couple. You should look out at everything around infidelity itself. Where going, with whom, what happens around you .. Some of these details will give you the clues you need to discover what the dream refers. What is it you want to do and for some reason do not.

In some cases it is given by sleep dissatisfaction in some area of the relationship and think you could fill that void with another person. Although not really want to do, this is the most graphic way to contain that feeling you have. It is also a common dream among people who have a sense of abandonment. Think your boyfriend or girlfriend does not make you whole if you require, which should lend more attention.

If on the other hand your partner (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife) is the one who deceives you with someone else, normally not more important than the fear that you have that your relationship is over. Your subconscious is afraid it means you have a betrayal by your partner. No need to worry because it is not a prophetic dream. Note that only reflects insecurities that you have. It is an indication that you really have strong feelings of love for that person.

You have dreamed of infidelity and want to know its interpretation? Leave a comment explaining everything that happens during sleep and help you. We would go well also tell something about your current situation with that person (if you are married, if all goes well between both …).