You have recently left many questions about the meaning of dreams in which ice appears, we decided to make a more extensive explanation thereof.

Normally, the ice can be interpreted as how the lack of ideas, thoughts or opinions on something. It also reflects an overly narrow or undemonstrative attitude. You may have been unkind to someone who needed it and your subconscious reflects the feeling of guilt that you have in this manner.

The meaning of this dream changes when you find yourself walking on a frozen plate. This means that you are not in a stable point in your life, and you might fall (metaphorically) at any time.

If you are skiing or sliding down the ice means that you do not feel safe, you have some lack of self esteem.

Dreaming of statues and ice sculptures
Indication that you’ve been stuck in some stage of your life. There is no visible progress for some time.

Dreaming of an iceberg
This is a notice of your innermost you’re not leveraging the full potential you part. You are able to do more and the benefits that you would get would be much higher.

If in your dream you are walking on a frozen lake and you fall through the ice means that emotionally you are in a critical moment. Anytime you’re going to explode. You should calm down and reconsider.

Ice skating
This dream implies the need to have more confidence in your abilities. Only then you will get to meet your goals.

Have you dreamed of ice? Want to know its meaning? Leave a comment with what you remember.