The hands symbolize relationships, trust others and show your ability to communicate. Furthermore, depending on the position in which they appear in your dream may be protective, threats, pleading, sorry .. It is a dream with many possible interpretations in which the details will be vital leads.

If you dream of a friend or relative lengthening the arm extending a hand to you means that you ask for help. The fact that you get to hold her hand or not symbolize your ability to solve you the problem that needs you.

Although usually not very critical, it is important to know that typically:

  • The left hand shows your feminine side and how goodness and quieter part of your being.
  • The right hand refers to your masculine side, the busiest part of you.

If you’re holding hands with someone on the street, it means you have a special affection for that person, whether for love or friendship. Sometimes it can also be interpreted how the fear of losing that special person, especially if it is your current partner.

If your hands are larger than normal, or have sores or long hair, means that you are acting in an excessively rough way, with lack of feeling. This may be harming beings around you. You should weigh their words and actions to prevent this from happening.

If you dream that you are washing your hands means you have something to repair, a problem that has not yet found requires your time before provoke negative consequences solution.

A closed fist is usually related to threats or aggression. Whose hand is that?

On the contrary, if the palm is open excess means fear of being damaged or harmed.

Have you dreamed of your hands and do not know what it means? Tell us everything you remember, without omitting anything that might get your attention. We will help!