How can imagine, dream guns it is closely linked with feelings of channel how they can be violent anger, danger or aggression.

If you shoot someone in your dream, it’s the way your subconscious means you think that person is guilty of something that has happened lately. If only you point it is because culpabilizas. The fact is the detached shoot anger toward that particular person.

If you dream that you are hiding a gun, then you have a sense of suppressed anger, or a desire to harm another person that you can not outsource.

Very often you find your dream carrying a gun. It is a clear indication that you should control your temper and that it could take a very negative situations to your interests.

If you get shot in your dream is a sign that you have the feeling that someone is speaking ill of you, or is hurting you directly with knowledge of what he does. If you only aim but not shoot means that you believe that you are among the goals of someone, who, in one way or another, want to kill you. Normally this sleep is associated with the labor sphere Dreamer.

Persons appearing in this kind of dreams do not often know but for some reason, you will think that if you know someone in real life, that will be the real protagonist of the story.

If you get stuck a gun and can not shoot, its meaning is clearly a sense of helplessness you feel prevent you achieve your immediate goals.

Have you dreamed with guns or weapons and want to know what it means? Explain your dream with all details and we will help you to remember.