Although it seems a very good dream, that will always bring wealth and prosperity, it is not always so. Even gold dream may have a negative interpretation. Sometimes it means some facets that show the worst of oneself. These could be the envy, greed, temptation (in the bad sense of the word) and even corruption of the people.

If in your dream you show yourself digging a hole and burying gold in its interior is a clear sign that there is something in you that you do not want to know. It need not be something bad, it’s just not something you want to discover others. It’s always something that affects your personality, your way of thinking. There are objects or material goods.

However, if you find gold somewhere it means you’ve discovered something about yourself that even you know. Normally it is a good thing. You do not expect to be able to anything or have some quality. Without doubt, a very good dream.

If you dream of trees whose leaves are covered with gold, it means that a bright future awaits. Things will come out much better than you expected. It is a rare dream. If you have it, feel fortunate.

It may be that you’re working in a gold mine. Not a good sign. It is common in people who are willing to do whatever it takes to get their own benefit, but it means having to harm or hurt in some way to others.

If you find yourself driving or manipulating gold it is a way of saying that all businesses are going to be fine. It is the graphical way for your subconscious to represent the phrase “everything you touch turns to gold.” A premonitory dream about business success.

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