There’s no doubt about it is one of the most spiritual dreams in the world. When you dream of God is interpreted the way you feel how religion, your real worship it. It also usually it refers to the way you see perfection, everything you associate with God in the dream will be very good for you, almost perfect.

Your subconscious shows you of this so graphically the admiration you feel about someone or something, considering almost divine. You can also associate with God something that you think you are out of your reach, you can not get.
If you dream that you yourself are a god can be interpreted in two different ways:

  • It may be a feeling of superiority toward others. You think you’re better than others in some specific aspect of your daily life. Usually refers to sports or job skills.
  • You can also show that you have some talented people around you know and you think they could astonish or attention. You want to show what you know to others.

When you dream about God talking to you, it means that, for some reason, you feel guilty about something you did (or that you have failed to do) lately. You think you should be punished for it, or do not deserve to have received little lawfully.
If you dream you’re praying or trying to communicate with God it is because you regret anything and looking for forgiveness.

In other cases, dreaming is not God’s will rather than trying to achieve perfection, to improve day by day in order to get to be someone better.

Have you dreamed with God and want to know what it means? Leave a comment with everything you remember and will help with interpretation.