Dreaming of giving or receiving gifts, as a rule, is something nice, pleasant to the dreamer. Although, as always, there may be exceptions (these tasteless, unwanted details ..).

If you dream of giving a gift to someone close, it may reflect how you approach say something that you know will hurt you. You have to “maquillarlo” somehow not to hurt him. It is common, too, when you have sacrificed for someone dear. Your act of generosity is reflected by your subconscious in this way.

Dream of self opening or unwrapping a gift and find something unpleasant inside means you’ll soon be disappointed, or something that you were convinced that would be fine eventually going wrong for your interests. The unpleasant gift is usually a dead animal, as a rule.

Dreaming receive a gift if we like is interpreted as a recognition for something we’ve done well. Someone will appreciate what you’re doing in your favor. If the gift you get is exactly what you want or need is a clear sign that the person you care, watching over your interests.

If in your dream are giving away something very dear to a person means you’re working hard for your happiness and you like to be valued.

If you dream of a lot of gifts unopened (and not open) it reflects the potential you have unused. You are wasting some powers you have. Try harder and you get goals now seem unattainable.

Have you dreamed with gifts and want an interpretation? Leave a comment with everything you remember and we willhelp you deciphering its meaning.