Dreams of gardens, especially if you are working on them, often mean something related to the effort, to work.

If there are many fruits or vegetables in the garden of your dream, it means that all your dedication has paid off, soon begin to notice the first positive results. We consider everything that is in the garden if you can not respect exactly as you may be expectant of several different fronts.
However, if there are many flowers (no fruit) will go in the garden related to the welfare of your home and your relationship or family. It is also a dream linked with peace and tranquility. It is common in dreamers who are going through a time of emotional calm, smooth and outstanding problems.

It is fairly common dream of a neglected garden, with several dead weeds and plants. In these cases, your subconscious tells you that you are neglecting some important aspects in your life, and that end up hurting you. You may be giving more importance to the material to the spiritual and that’s not good.

If you are in the Garden of Eden is a symbol of your desire to regain lost innocence. No need to be in sexual context, sometimes it can be other less physical aspects of yourself. It also represents beauty.

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