That appear in your dream furniture is often the way used by your subconscious to talk about your family. Especially if the furniture is yours or are inside your home.

One of the most frequent dreams in which you see furniture is dreaming of a move. Clearly there is a change in your life. It is important to look out for what kind of furniture you acquire or how utilitarian and aesthetically changes the house or flat. In this way you will know if it is a positive or negative change to your interests.

Dreaming of old furniture, dusty, well-worn .. symbolizes your old way of thinking, of seeing things or even an old relationship or friendship.

If you are changing the position or location of the furniture it means that you try to change your way of being or acting to make people happy around you. It is possible that, however much you try, you do not get moving site. In this case indicates that do not get the change you want, you should consider a more realistic goal.

Break or burn furniture symbolizes the metaphorical destruction of an attitude or opinion.

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