The fox is an animal which, when appears in dreams is often associated with a number of concepts that become more than recurrent in the moment of the interpretation. Among the most important we can highlight:

  • Intelligence
  • Insight
  • Picardy
  • Deception
  • Astuteness
  • Independence
  • Discretion

Your way of understanding the dream will be very important to decipher its meaning. You’ll have to stay with what has left you feeling the animal, how did you think of him. It is also possible that some tracks occupy a secondary role.

Often it dreams of a fox walking from side to side, looking at you. In this case you may have the feeling that someone is watching your steps to take advantage of you.

If you are in a dark place, like a cave, the most reasonable explanation is that either you’re lonely, or need a little more independence, space to think about your stuff.

If the fox attacks you is a sign that someone you think you want to harm the environment. If you are bitten or an injury causes you finally get to say that negatively affect you in real life.

Have you dreamed of a fox and want to know the meaning? Do you want to explain your dream?

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