As with many other dreams, flying, or dreamed yourself flying is no exception. It’s meaning will depend on your personal situation and how you do exactly as in the dream:

  • If you fly straight to the sun: it means you have goals you want to accomplish and you have many chances to get it, believe it or not yet.
  • If you fly too low means you’ll encounter obstacles in your way (may be working, sentimental, health) although possibly surpassing the finish. The same applies if the landscape that are flying is depressing or lacking in vegetation.
  • On the contrary, if it is a green or paradisiacal area, it is a good omen that you get to achieve the objectives.
  • If you land your flight, something we had not anticipated complicate our goals, though, if you become after falling lift, means that you will get over it.
  • His flying into some extremely remote location (to another planet for example) is a clear reference to that’re a person unable to cope with their problems, which will complicate things flees.
  • One of the best related to flying dreams, is if you do it with some angelic wings. It’s a great omen that may be related to work, love or luck.

There may be many other meanings of this dream depending on your personal life, if you are married or not, for example. To assist us us help you, let us explaining your dream exactly in some detail about your personal life that you think may affect it and we will reply delighted. To do this, use the form to leave a comment there at the bottom of the page.