Generally, flowers dream bodes well. Usually refers to some joy and good time is coming. However, it is not always so. For example, if in the dream they give you a bouquet of wilted flowers, or dream with a bouquet it fades gradually, it may mean a disease that is coming and it’s going to affect someone in your family or close friends .

If the field that give you, is very colorful and elegant, it is a sign that receive recognition and admiration of someone.

The flowers appear in dreams have great symbolism, referring to the joy, love and perfection in his psychological state.

If you see yourself picking flowers in the dream, you will receive a good amount of money from possibly a labor issue. It will be something that, although you do not expect, is well deserved.

If you’re planting flowers, a rather bulky, but positively expenditure approaches. It will be money you spend why you want and not by force majeure. It is a comparison with whoever sows something, get off.

If in your dream flowers appear on land and it is impossible to grow, you will overcome the obstacles that will arise, as difficult as you might think. If the ground is a depressing and dark terrain but the flowers are colorful and very alive, a rather unpleasant situation for you is coming, but you’ll get beat.

Depending on the type of flowers that appear in the dream, its meaning can be also different:

  • Red roses: a bouquet of red roses means that someone will declare, or even to ask marriage.
  • Jasmine: a lull in your life approaches. Above all, your love life will be in a very sweet moment.
  • Margaritas: good times with family. You and yours will go through good times during a season-long average time.

There are many more types of flowers and colors, depending on how they appear in your dream, will change its meaning completely. Dare to tell your sleep leaving a comment, and I’ll explain delighted!