In dreams, the fire may have very different meanings depending on both the dreamer, how what is in flames, and how many other details that may affect. Generally usually refer to your most passionate part, desires, emotions, changes and even a feeling of anger.

It is important to know whether all dream the fire is controlled or if the flames move without anything or anyone can stop them.

If you dream that something is burning without having tragic and destructive results, it is significant that you are living a very strong and intense emotions. Sometimes, it can also refer to a sexual desire.

If that is it burns your house, you have time to change some important aspect of your life that is impacting negatively.

If you dream that you are burning yourself, also referred to need a drastic change, but in this case makes clear to you more psychological, more emotional side allusions.

If the fire is surrounding you with someone familiar, it’s because you value much the bonds that unite but sometimes do not express the way you should.

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If you dream of a person on fire, usually means that you are overly ambitious and could potentially harm someone because of it.