Physical fights and disputes are often interpreted how internal instability. There is some element in your life that just does not work how you’d like and is causing something of a conflict with another person rather good about yourself.

Although, oddly enough, is not the most common, it could also mean that you find yourself at odds with someone in your environment. Lives a moment of enmity with someone you love (how to, family or friend).

The fights or arguments may also be an allusion to questions you may have about a particular topic. Very probably all end in a change of heart.

Find out what your dream means in particular, you should consider several things:

  • Who do You fight against?
  • Who wins the fight?
  • Have you been hurt?
  • Does someone die?
  • Where are You fighting?
  • Are there any external elements that interact with you?

All this information will give you clues about what exactly refers sleep, so it is vital that you try to remember all the details you can.

For example, the fact that leave damaged in the fight, which means that the decision you make will have any negative impact for you. Whether you win or not fight global mean if something is going to be positive or not.

If you dream that people around you are fighting among themselves, is the way your subconscious tries to stress or a rivalry or a gesture tozudería they are having with each other.

Have you dreamed to be fighting and want to know its meaning? Tell us what you remember, and, if possible, answer the questions that we showed you to facilitate our work of interpretation. We will help!