Although it may seem like a strange dream, the truth is that dreams in which in one way or another are related to excrement or they appear, they are most common.

Usually represents impure, unclean or unhealthy thoughts and various emotions.
If it is a human excrement can be a bad omen for complications, quarrels or disputes with someone your close environment. But if it is of animal origin, the problem may be rather workplace. The cases in which you see yourself able to identify the source of these are very few, so this would be an unusual meaning.

The excreta disposal, or defecate in a dream symbolizes relief yourself of negative emotions and thoughts it. Although it may seem so unpleasant, it is a positive dream. See “shit” is a good sign.

Being with clothes stained droppings self refers to the shame, humiliation. It may be something you’ve experienced recently or you fear to suffer soon. For example if it is about some important day in that one way or another are going to be the protagonist.

If the stool comes alive in his dream (not so common dream it) means that you feel that your responsibilities have increased to the point where you feel you are no longer able to control them.

A poop in your dream may represent a general level money or material goods. Depending on what happens with it, can change its meaning.

If you appear in your dream playing with shit or excrements it is related with the desire to have more control over your money, or have a more casual attitude about finances. In addition, it is also a dream that is associated with the rebellion (it is not something people normally do). You can have a desire to say something that you simply is going on, or rebelling against something or someone, in your opinion, could oppress or hurt you.

The stool can also be a sex symbol in a dream, especially if you’ve been brought up very religiously or how minimal the belief that sex is “dirty”.

In the vast majority of cases, feces or excrements dream means something good to do with money, but not always.

If you had a dream related to this and want to know its meaning, leave a comment explaining it in detail so we can help.