Undoubtedly, this is one of the most recurrent dream in the world. Quite often the dreamer gets scared, almost always getting up from sleeping during the dream. In such cases, is related to some insecurity you have.

Is most frequently related to the fear that a person has to lose the recognition of others, lose their status. This does not have to be economically, may be among your circle of friends, family or society in general.

People who have family and dream that fall, may fear losing that person, that leave. Does not have to happen, as there is a premonitory dream, indicates only subconsciously fear we have and possibly not even knowing it.

If you fall off a cliff there’s certainly economic problems are coming. If you do not do any harm means that solving these problems will get ahead.

If you dream of someone else falls, typically involve two things. On one hand it can refer to a hidden desire you have that person actually damaged (physically or psychologically) or to fail in their projects. On the other hand it may mean you have to fear that someone close to you and who appreciate, suffer from a possible failure. The person you see does not have to be the one that really affected, it may be a picture of someone you do not know but it will make you think of another person if. You just try to figure out exactly who it is.

In cases where if you could indicate something is going to happen is when you feel you fall sleep hurt. This means the loss of a friend (nothing to do with her death) or a looming problem and will hurt.

If you do not like a person, but an object is representative of a run of bad luck that will come. Depending know what that object refers sleep.

Have you dreamed of you or someone you know fall down and you want to know what it means? Tell us everything you can remember.