Surely this is one of those dreams that leaves an odd feeling to the dreamer. Still, you should know that it is more common than many think. The first thing to consider is if we know who owns the eyes of our dream.

If you dream with your eyes is a symbolism of your mind, all the intellectual, of how you should understand things, the fact reconsider. Sometimes, during sleep, the eyes turn around so that gives us the feeling of seeing what’s inside our heads (an unpleasant sensation). In these cases, note any details you see inside of you and you should not be there, it’s a sign you should change your way of thinking. Surely refers to any decision you are about to take.

If you dream with eyes that watch you carefully, but do not know who they are, is (usually) because someone who is not your friend is spying is watching what you do to try to hurt you.

If your eyes appear darker color in the dream that you are in real life, it is because you are not understanding something how you should. You’re getting the wrong idea about something that affects you. The same does the fact of being Vizco in the dream, having crossed eyes. If they are with red pupils, is a reference to a force, without determining whether this is positive or if it could harm you.

According to eye has priority in your sleep, which is the protagonist, its meaning may be impaired. The right eye is the most rational of 2 refers to objective knowledge. Usually associated with the sun. The left is the reflection of the moon.

If you dream that you have 3 eyes, is the way in which your subconscious illustrates what would intuition. Not a dream that should worry the least. Say you recommend your mind to follow what your heart dictates, let you guided by your first impression. Have a knack for knowing if something is going to be good or bad and you should use it. On the contrary, dream you have only one eye, is something quite different. Do not accept different points of view to yours. You need to open your mind.

If you have damaged eye, is a clear sign of tozudería, which prevents you from seeing reality just how it is. You refuse to accept things.

If you had a glass eye during sleep is because you show people too, and that makes you more vulnerable. You have to consider to be more reserved / a.

Have you ever had a dream related to eyes and want to know its meaning? Explain in detail what you remember leaving a comment and we’ll help