Once again we have one of those dreams that everyone has ever had. Dreaming of your ex-partner will depend, in most cases, on what is your current relationship with that person. Maybe you hate he or she, you are friends, you haven’t heard more about that person..

It may mean a desire to come back with he or she. This is something that will cost a lot of to recognize, but in many cases, it is a matter of our subconscious.

It can refer to the need for a change of status. You are living in a situation you don’t like (does not have to be personal, it can be professional) and forward back to your previous state.

You may only miss a few things that the relationship brought to you, but more broadly not want to return to it.

If you’re passing a somewhat delicate situation, this dream can mean a lack of self-esteem in yourself, a clear sign of insecurity.

It could also be that for some reason you have associated something to your ex-partner, and that memory appears as a dream.

Although, if you are sloppy with your current relationship you could dream about your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. That if one of the less common explanations of this dream.

You can have some unfinished with that person, something that has been withheld. Hence, by sleep, try to finish it.

It is possible that, even if you’re happier than before, you miss something you had with your ex-boyfriend. Depending on exactly the dream you’ve had and your current situation (single, looking for work, married …) its meaning can be totally different.

So we encourage you to leave your comment explaining in detail what you have dreamed of, and more about your current situation, and we will respond as quickly as we can. If you’ve dreamed of your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend and want to explain what happened, you know!