Although it is not one of the most common dreams, it is not uncommon to have a dream in which an eclipse appears. The first thing to take into account in order to decipher its meaning if it is an eclipse of the sun or moon.

If you dream of a solar eclipse, the interpretation is usually related to the fear that you may not be able to get one of your goals, which is usually one that you took for fact. They have complicated things and your thinking is more pessimistic than before. Your subconscious relates the failure to complete your goals miss the sun. If you see how the eclipse ends and again see the sun appear, it is a good sign, in the background you know that all is not lost and have faith in being able to finish what you set out and do it positively. It is also often dream of solar eclipses when there is a downturn in your business or regular work. It is temporary, do not worry.

Dreaming of a lunar eclipse is totally different, it has nothing to do. It relates to something within you that may come to light. The fact of the eclipse itself, symbolizes that someone is hindering to do anything you want. If you finally see the moon, it’s because you intend to present a side of you that few people (or anyone) know. Wanna take courage and show you exactly how you really though you may not like them all. It is also possible that a part of your character you were hindered by someone. Without that someone standing in the way, back to being yourself in no time. Ask yourself if there is someone in your inner circle that makes you act differently to how wish.

Note that it is important to appreciate even the smallest detail of the dream to know exactly what you mean, do not look only at the eclipse as something that you still could not flip the meaning of the dream.

Have you dreamed of an eclipse (solar or lunar) and want help with your interpretation? Leave a comment explaining everything you say and remember its meaning.