In this page, you will see all the dream meanings added to our data source like a dream dictionary. If you don’t find a concrete dream, leave your comment and we will add it!

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  • Abandonment: need to leave behind past feelings. Fear of loneliness ..
  • Abbey
  • Abyss: fear of time to take a step forward in your project. Do not you dare do something that could change the course of your goals.
  • Abduction
  • Abort
  • Accident: It is a bad omen associated with causing the accident in your dream. Should stay away from it.
  • Adultery: see “infidelity”.
  • Alligator: see “crocodile”.
  • Angel: usually comes associated with a major change in your life (good change) although much will depend on what exactly will sound and the way you act. It is also associated with goodness or protection.
  • Ant: a time of low self-esteem, according to what surrounds you, hard work and possible benefits …


  • Baby: If a single baby appears with angelic appearance, symbolizes the desire of the dreamer to give and receive affection.
  • Ball
  • Balloon: your way to success. They represent your aspirations, achievements and goals in life.
  • Baptism: this dream is identified with changes within the country, whether of opinion, attitude or spiritual renewal.
  • Bathroom: spiritual self-renewal self, cleansing and purification of the soul.
  • Beach: depending on whether water or sand will see chaos or order. It is a dream that you must analyze considering all the details.
  • Bear: It may be an insecure, inappropriate behavior in any situation, fears or even irresponsibility or aspects of your character such as laziness or intelligence.
  • Bee: are usually directly related to your work.
  • Being naked: you have the feeling of being exposed to all sorts of criticism (usually negative). You feel extremely vulnerable. It usually occurs when a real-life situation that can foster this feeling is coming.
  • Bird: freedom, harmony, peace of mind .. Although you can also have negative connotations depending on the dream.
  • Blood: if it appears in the form of spots, your enemy will cause you some problems that may be important. If a transfusion in sleep, the duration of your problems will be short.
  • Bomb: there is a repressed desire in your life. Discover what it is.
  • Book: you may need support from a friend or relative. In other cases it means you’re accomplishing what you set out.
  • Boyfriend: will depend on what happens in the dream, but is typically a fear of something bad happening
  • Butterfly: creativity, inspiration, freedom, new ways of seeing things …


  • Canyon: limitation in your life, a complication that prevents you from progressing.
  • Cat: it can refer from freedom or power to misfortune or bad luck.
  • Church
  • Cliff: see dream about a canyon.
  • Clock: fear that time goes too fast. Fear runs out of life. Maybe some project deadline expires ..
  • Cloud: reflects your emotions, your mood. In some cases they may symbolize problems that are coming.
  • Clown: is indicative of apathy, lack of seriousness, and everything related to the absurd.
  • Cockroach
  • Corpse: the end of a stage. Something will change in your life. It may also be the end of a friendship or love relationship.
  • Crab: may represent a lack of affection, protection. In matters of love is a sign that it’s going to be a tough relationship, but you can go ahead.
  • Credit Card: problably the dream has relationship with money or work. Still, there are exceptions.
  • Crocodile: it can mean a betrayal of someone close to you, or the fact how can you face a problem or danger that awaits you.
  • Crow: is almost never a good sign. It is possible that a negative change in your life approaches.
  • Cry: closely related to real life dream. You should consider who cries and your relationship with that person in your day to day.


  • Dagger: see “knife”.
  • Deer: this animal, in dreams, is associated with femininity (or masculinity), the feeling vulnerable and with kindness or protection.
  • Desert: if you bring a business at hand, you have many opportunities to go wrong if you dream you are in a desert you only. Loss of capital.
  • Devil: it may be a temptation or your way of dealing with problems that lie ahead. Watch your surroundings. For more information, read the full meaning.
  • Diamonds: usually interpret how the dreamer will get done with great wealth, achieve their goals, among others. Alternatively you can relate to the vanity and false appearances.
  • Dinosaur: usually a reference to the past of the dreamer.
  • Divorce: a major change. The way your subconscious tells you that you separate multiple facets of your life.
  • Doctor: need for an emotional wound healing, probably by indifference.
  • Dog: everything depends on what the dog in the dream, and how color, size, etc..
  • Dolphin: usually refers to qualities such as intelligence or your self more emotional.
  • Doll: usually it represents you doing something you do not dare to do in real life, even if you want. Still, it is a dream with many possible meanings depending on several factors.
  • Door: indicates an opportunity (which appears or is lost). In some cases it may represent a sense of social exclusion.
  • Driving


  • Eclipse: the meaning will be very different depending on whether it is a solar or lunar eclipse. Read the full dream for more information.
  • Eskimo: one aspect to consider your personality. You can also symbolize your ability to cope with changes that may appear in your way.
  • Exboyfriend – Exgirlfriend: it’s not indicative that you are still in love with he or she. Read all the interpretations to solve your doubt!
  • Excrement: impure, dirty thoughts. Bad feelings (shame per example).
  • Explosion: see dream amout “bombs”.
  • Eyes: if you are watching you can refer to someone with whom you have animosity can be aware of what you do, spying. If you are your own, you refer to your way of seeing things.


  • Falling: most of times its produced by an insecurity that you have.
  • Feces: Usually refers to a thought (negative). In the best case it can be a sign of wealth. See “Excrement”
  • Fight: make an important decision. Gesture enmity with anyone in your environment.
  • Fire: usually come accompanied by a passionate feeling, something sentimental. You have some desire or emotion you felt.
  • Fleas: maybe you feel guilty. See Lices.
  • Flowers: Each type of flower has a different meaning in dreams. Besides the type of flower, other aspects how their status can change the interpretation.
  • Fly: a good dream. Besides nice, it’s a good omen that know how to reach your goals and certainly get what you set out.
  • Fox: if you see the animal but not interact with it, it means that one of your friends will soon cease to be due to a betrayal. But if you kill a fox in the dream, you will overcome an obstacle.
  • Furniture: refers to your immediate environment, your family.


  • Garden: your effort will get the reward you deserve. Keep working.
  • Ghost
  • Gift: they are linked strongly with the care they have for others and vice versa. Protection, safeguarding the interests of others or generosity.
  • Girlfriend: it’s important to read the full meaning since there are many variations of the dream
  • Globes
  • God: everything that you relate to perfection. A very spiritual dream.
  • Gold: Not as good as it may seem. Everything depends on the content of the dream. Read the full article for more information.
  • Gun: negative feelings such as anger or the desire to harm.


  • Hair
  • Hand: It is a very versatile dream may reflect many feelings at the same time, depending on their position
  • Head
  • Hostel: see “hotel”.
  • Hotel: a change or transition looming, unless it has already begun.
  • Husband: read all the information to discover the meaning of the dream for each specific case


  • Ice: these dreams refer to confidence, your mood and your emotional stability.
  • Infidelity: desires or impulses that exist and for some reason you have repressed. Raring to do something but something (or someone) holding you back.
  • Inuits: see dreaming of Eskimos.
  • Invisible


  • Jail: guilt or anxiety, overwhelm.
  • Jesus Christ: it is understood like an external force that will help you achieve your goals.


  • King: you feel able to achieve the goals you see them closer than ever. On the other hand means the desire to increase your social or economic status.
  • Kiss
  • Knife: Discussions that in some cases may end up in court even come close. Leagues (minimum and verbal) with someone or something. Sometimes also symbolize negative feelings. Existence of a confrontation of any kind


  • Leech: often appear when the dreamer has the feeling that may be taking advantage of him.
  • Legs: usually associated with balance (or lack thereof) in real life.
  • Library: yearning for more knowledge. Search for an answer or solution to a problem.
  • Lice: usually refers to a sense of guilt
  • Lion: usually refers to a force that guides you to achieve your goals.
  • Lipstick: seduction, deception, infidelity. Is often associated with failure to tell the whole truth about something.
  • Lock: related to both freedom how to opportunities. It is important to see how it is.
  • Lover


  • Meteorite
  • Mirror: it all depends on what you see reflected in it and the state in which it is located. You might also see something through it.
  • Money: success, your self-esteem, among others, are represented by the money by your subconscious.
  • Monkey
  • Monsters: The most remarkable feature of the monster in question is often an exaggerated representation of something that happens in real life and bothered.
  • Mourn: see “dream about cry”


  • Nails: It depends on the state in which they appear in the dream. If you dream nails clean and trimmed, successes ahead. However, if your nails are dirty and in disrepair, can mean a bad time for your family.
  • Nits: see Lices
  • Nude people: is associated with vulnerability, lack of self-esteem. See also the meaning of “being naked”.
  • Numbers: see the full meaning to discover what’s your dream about.
  • Nurse


  • Ocean
  • Octopus: A difficult problem. You fail to find the answer. On the other hand, denotes that you are overly possessive of your partner.
  • Orca
  • Owl: a change of cycle. It may also be the need to leave behind something that is in the past. I strongly tied to your innermost dream.


  • Piranha: a problem that is causing you an inner discomfort. Literally eats you up inside.
  • Pirate
  • Plant: dreams related to your potential when deem an objective. Your ability.
  • Poop: see “Excrement”
  • Precipice: an obstacle in your path to success. Fear step forward for what might happen.
  • Pregnancy: usually means that you are mature in some sense. Read the article to see the particular case.
  • Present: see dreams of “gifts”
  • Prison: see “Jail”
  • Puke: see “Vomiting”.


  • Queen: It is a dream related to power, responsibility or intuition
  • Quitting Job


  • Rainbow: success in work, good fortune, positivism and spirituality. A big dream, no doubt!
  • Rat: usually come accompanied by bad news. Usually related to someone or something close to you.
  • Raven: see “Crow”.
  • Ray
  • Rhino: a problem that will appear shortly in your life. How will you react to it? Read full description sleep!
  • Rice: Success in business, current situation of peace, fertility, projects ending positively ..
  • Ring: superiority, power, honor and commitment are qualities linked to rings, pearls and other jewelry.
  • Run


  • Separation: fear of being alone. Transitional moment in your life.
  • Shark
  • Shit
  • Snake: usually refers to negative aspects. Access the complete definition for each specific case according to the interaction between you and the snake, its color, its been …
  • Spiders: It is about a change in your life. Not mean it will be a bad change. All spiders is symbolizing the arrival of new noticias.Si you have any problem on your mind, it is likely to be cleared.
  • Squid: sign that you’ve acted selfishly with people you care about. You feel guilty about it.
  • Stairs: you raise? low? what type of ladder is? That depends on the meaning of your dream.
  • Stealing: it is always closely linked with envy, the desire to get something that someone else has. As a rule they are immaterial issues.
  • Stool: see excrements or feces
  • Sun: but mainly as a very positive dream related to your future and spiritual peace, is not always so. Read the full definition for your exact interpretation.


  • Tattoo: you want to be different from others, noted for something specific, and your subconscious is represented in the form of tattoos.
  • Teeth falling: you can usually refer to your low self-esteem or fear of a situation of embarrassment. Often this dream with the loss of a close relative is related, although it is usually neither meaning. It is a very common dream.
  • Tiger: like the dreams of lions appearing, these dreams are usually related to the ability to dominate or being dominated
  • Toilet: see bathroom
  • Tornado: It may represent stress, instability, changes.. all depends on what happens in the dream.
  • Treasure: dream related to your self-esteem and your talents.
  • Tree: normally means protection and is usually a good sleep, but it depends on the particular case.
  • Turtle: loyalty of yourself or someone about you. Wisdom, among other intrinsic qualities.


  • Umbrella: your way to show your personality, your feelings, your own. In a very personal dream that talks about the barriers that when put into a relationship of any kind.
  • Urine


  • Vampire: as dangerous as aesthetic. A bad influence on your life perhaps?
  • Volcano: they always represent some force. It is negative or positive, constructive or destructive depending on the rest of the dream.
  • Vomiting: there is something in your daily life than you’d get rid, you hate.


  • Wall: represents constraints. The absence of these identifies a lack of privacy.
  • Wasp: see dreams about “Bees”
  • Water: usually refers to the state of your mind, your psychological state and / or emotional.
  • Watch: see also dream of clocks.
  • Waves
  • Weapons: violent feelings. See meaning “guns”.
  • Wedding: dream meaning depends specifically, who gets married, how will the marriage, your real situation .. Read the article to know more about the meaning.
  • Wife: depending on what happens in the dream meaning may be very different.
  • Wolf: anger, loneliness, betrayal, self confidence. A very versatile dream.
  • World
  • Worm: a bad omen. If several worms appear will be something serious that will affect 100% to your current lifestyle. If there is just one insect, you’ll meet an impending problem.



  • Yourself


  • Zebra
  • Zipper
  • Zombie: is usually associated with isolating oneself or with the loss of esteem or affection for someone who so far was important to us.