As in the dreams of appearing windows, doors are representative of new opportunities. For example, if you dream that you cross a door, its meaning is a good opportunity opens before you. To find out which refers exactly you should be careful of what lies on the other side of it.

If in your dream you do not show up (only see a door and that’s it) it will be very important to look at everything that happens. If the door opens as if it will stretch (to you) it is a sign that you need to look inside yourself to find a solution to why you care so much lately. Conversely, if opened out is the need you have to open yourself to others, you need to know more about you. This will be very beneficial and also allow other people to help you more.

If you try to open a door but it is locked, it is a sign of an opportunity that is going to be denied, will be inaccessible for you. For some reason, someone or something will prevent you achieve your goals.

Often it dreams of walking a kind of corridor and find yourself at the end of a closed door. It symbolizes the end of an era, of a project that had started. It need not be a bad thing. You can be the natural order of the same or be replaced by a more ambitious.

Dreaming of doors is often beneficial, and in many cases, foreshadowing something is about to happen.

If there is a door behind people close to you and you close it, it means you’re afraid to tell you something, do not dare to show exactly how you or explain everything about you. They can be repressed desires or opinions that do not want to know. If on the contrary are friends who close the door so you can not access can interpret how you feel somewhat isolated from the group, you are not integrated. It is the way your subconscious is that frustration.

Have you dreamed of doors and want to know what it means? Explains everything and help you remember, but do not skip the details, they could turn it around!