As a rule, the dreams wheredolphins appear mean something related to the mind, with intelligence, with the intellect or emotions.

If you dream you are entered into a dolphin mounted as if it were a horse, it is a clear reference to your positive and optimistic character, and your people skills. You are a person who likes to be surrounded by friends, feel loved.

They are very accommodating animals and, in many cases, the dreamer in question want to help the community more, feel more useful to others. It can also mean spiritual complicity that you found (or so you think) with another person lately.

If your dream is dying dolphin, it is an allusion to feel frustrated or desperate for a problem that worries you.

The fact that dream yourself swimming among dolphins is very positive and will assume the arrival of a lucky streak that you did not expect.

If dolphins with which you dreamed were jumping in the water, is a reference to the ability you have to communicate when your conscious part with the subconscious.

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