The significance or meaning of finding a doll in your dreams, is often associated with children or any desire repressed attitudes. The recursive version thereof is one in which a doll comes alive. You see her walking, talking, or doing anything.

In many cases, that you are doing the doll is something you love to do for you, but for some reason, do not. For this to be the correct interpretation you should feel identified with the toy.

If you dream you’re playing with a doll it can mean three different things:

  • You’re particularly timid (or shy) with people of the opposite sex and that you care. Find difficulties to relate to guys (if you’re a girl).
  • You’re still very young for as what. You feel that you lack maturity.
  • You fail to be completely honest with yourself. You feel that what you do think to make much difference.

It is also very common dream of the typical Barbie doll, Nancy or similar. These dolls reflect how you would want to see society (if you identify with them). For some reason you think you’re not good at or the people around you do not value enough. You’ve raised some personal goals and for the moment still far.

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