This is perhaps one of the dreams that may have more meanings depending on many factors. What is the dog in the dream, what kind of dog is, how we interact with it, etc.

If the dog bites you, it means that something is wrong, it’s a pretty catastrophic dream. This may be related, especially with issues of work or love. The more you produce the wounded animal, the greater the misfortune or approaching danger.

If the dog is eating something that you give directly from your hand, benefits from a business you have in hand approach.

If you dream of puppies still small and does not stand still, it is very possible that you are acting very childish and unserious, on a subject of great importance. This could hurt you in the near future.

If you do not see any dog, but instead hear barking, danger is approaching. Acts cautiously.

If you are a woman and dream of a hunting dog, you may be falling for a man finish with fewer economic resources than you.

If it is white, success comes in any sense of priority for you life.

This dream can also mean that you’re lacking companionship.

There are a lot of of meanings depending on your dream, so it’s better if you explain to us your dream and what happens with the dog leaving a comment and we will tell you its meaning.