Dreaming of a divorce is often misinterpreted because the first thing that comes to mind is the heartbreak. Generally a loving separation is the way your subconscious asks you to diferències among several things, you learn to separate. An example of that would be, for example, to dream of a divorce and they really try to find a reference to take on their own working life and away from the sentimental life.

On the other hand, if you dream that you separate from your husband or wife can be a sign of love you feel for that person. You’re afraid to lose your subconscious and reflects it so graphically.

The less common meaning of dreaming of a divorce case is you really want to separate you, you’ve lost the love.

It can also symbolize a clear fear of loneliness.

If you want to discover which of them is right, you should be aware of everything that happens secondarily in the dream. All items listed may be clues to help you decantarte for whatever definition they have given you.

Finally, in moments of great change is a fairly common dream. For example, do not worry if you are moving home or work in real life and dream that you separate or get divorced your boyfriend or girlfriend.

You have dreamed of a divorce and still can not find you the right way? If you want to know the motivation that led you to see this in your dreams, tell us everything you can remember so that we can help you!