Dinosaurs in dreams have a meaning that is usually accompanied by a reference to the past. Your subconscious uses these extinct creatures to speak of something that no longer exists, or currently lacks today.

If you only see the dinosaur without interacting with practically always is an outdated attitude (usually yours). You’re thinking or acting in a way that does not correspond to your age or the times. It is a “warning” you do it to yourself to try to reflect on a particular matter.

In this type of dream, you must look at everything that happens in and around this dinosaur. Any details that stand out from the rest can be a clue that will help you know exactly what you mean.

The most common dinosaurs in dreams are, in this order:

  • Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex)

The interpretation is the same for all of them.

If the dinosaur chasing you usually mean that fear stop being liked, or did not consider how so helpful so far. In some cases, if you are attacked, there is a problem or danger that you know that could affect you. The scope of the problem is proportional to the wounds caused by the large reptile, your mind identifies with that particular problem.

Have you dreamed of dinosaurs but do not know the reason? I tell us! You can also do it if you want to explain your dream for some reason that caught your attention. Do not forget any details!