View diamonds in your dreams is not uncommon, but sometimes it is quite difficult to interpret given the wide variety of meanings attributed to them. To know exactly what you mean, you have to look out on everything around the gemstone.

To give you the idea, some concepts that relate diamonds in dreams can be:

  • The vanity of self.
  • The desire for greater purchasing power.
  • The achievement of goals that may seem difficult to achieve.
  • Features that complement your personality and star of the same points.
  • Eternal love and commitment of couples.
  • Thorough dedication to get what you intend.
  • Living beyond your means.

We could make a much longer list but, as a rule, these were the main ones.

If you dream that you have a diamond but it is false, it means that you intend to pretend to be someone you’re not really. Want to look like you have more material goods or a better economic position of the real. Alternatively you can read how a warning that you are lately spending more than you can afford. If whoever has the diamond is another person, this will be the protagonist of what we explained.

If a diamond (presumably protected by a cabinet or safe) and are trying to catch it in your dream, is a metaphor for your path to success toward your goals. The fact that you get, or do not, take the diamond will reflect your ability and potential to achieve your desired goal.

You have dreamed of diamonds and do not know what the meaning might be? Explain everything that happens in your dream and we’ll help! Try not to let anything! ūüėČ

If you receive or give away a diamond, it is clearly a nod to your subconscious loyal to someone about your love.