It certainly is a very unpleasant dream, especially for very devout people. On many occasions, the devil symbolizes some fear you have in real life and your subconscious has represented a satanic way.

It is also common in dreams, see the devil or a demon is significant that behind there is a feeling of guilt. You have to look good in everything around evil to know what can reference. Lately you’ve made ​​a decision that now you think you should not have taken. You have done something (or have omitted to do something that would be correct) so now you feel bad.

Sometimes, it may even be a reference to a dreamlike sensation you feel when constraints do something. Or do you see yourself not able to get it, or something prevents you from reaching your goals.

One of the most recurrent dreams related to Satan is the sight of the devil talking to you. This denotes a temptation that is coming. Although you are not interested at all to ignore them, you will be very difficult to resist them. You must be strong.

If you give in your sleep you get the feeling that the devil and you You keep a friendship, a certain complicity, is a bad sign. You are a very impressionable person and someone around you is taking advantage of it. Look closely at those around you and try to select either a friend.

On the contrary, if you meet the devil or demons is the way you fight enemies in real life. These may be people that you have adversity or problems that can negatively affect you in the near future. If you manage to defeat the devil, well you will do with the complications that approach, all is well.

You’ve dreamed of the devil or demonic beings and want to know what it means? Leave a comment explaining what you can remember and we’ll help. Do not avoid any details, even if you think it does not matter, it could change the whole meaning of the dream!