Generally, if you show yourself in the dream, lost in the middle of a desert, it is a sign of bad omen. Most often resort to this dream if loneliness. Especially if the same dream you’re hoping to find an oasis and it does not appear, it is the way your mind tell you require help from someone, and, for now, can not find it. Sometimes the oasis of which we speak, can refer to an insecurity at some upcoming event. We could say that the oasis is that confidence can not find. You may be having a hard time and feel no nearby support or people to confide in.

If this is not the case, it refers to dream that someone is speaking ill of you as long as you’re crossing the desert against your will.

It is very different if you dream exactly the same (your in the desert) but within a leisure trip. Be crossing the desert on vacation for pleasure, it is a sign that you love about a good step. If you have not found love, you can walk around you.

If you manage to find a haven in which to rest, it is a very good omen, recent successes in your business. Your economic status can be improved significantly. Course, if you want to maintain your health, you should rest more than you do.

Generally deserts are comparable to loneliness, bad luck and even infertility.

If you need more information about the meaning of dreaming of a desert, tell us exactly where you had left a comment and I’ll gladly explain. ūüėČ