Normally, the dreams where deer appear (unless something bad happens to them during it) have very positive connotations. This animal is related to some intrinsic characteristics in people such as tenderness, compassion and even beauty (inside and out).

Often refers to the female of each part, whether you’re male or female. In contrast, according to the aspect of it, depending mainly on their horns, it can also have a close meaning to manhood.

It is important to try to realize your dream if you felt (or not) identified with the deer, if you saw yourself how the deer.

The fact that the deer is black is interpreted as your form of rejecting the feminine side of you. For some reason, in the face of others, you hide your most sensitive and displays only a tough facade. The same is the significance of killing a deer in dreams.

If you dream that we know how bambi, deer still small, and you identify with it, means that you feel very vulnerable to someone, you think they could hurt you if you open up too much, so you take precautions.

You have dreamed of deer and you need us help you with an interpretation? Tell us what you remember!