Be crying in his sleep, usually refers to a fact that has happened in real life. There is usually treated with tears of joy, but more of the opposite. The cause of this dream is an event that has caused you a feeling of sadness, has awakened in you a negative feeling.

Seeing someone else is crying, is the way in which, as a rule, your subconscious reflects your feelings for him or her. In this case does not have to be sad, it might be worth, compassion or even anger. Everything depends on the type of crying.

In some cases, you may even finish waking you really crying, tears in his eyes. This means that the situation that causes you this sadness is reaching a limit should not exceed. You must face what causes it to take a step forward. You can not stagnate in this matter.

If you do not know what situation refers sleep, you should look out in the environment in which you find yourself crying, so how in detail you can remember. If you associate with your real life sure just discovering its meaning.

Sometimes, in your everyday no attention to any particular event, but once asleep, feeling of distress or concern intensifies. It is possible that within you things affect you more than you think.

If you see yourself in your dream crying and screaming helplessly, as if you asked for help, it is a kind of frustration or difficulty you have when explaining things to others. There is a communication problem. Can I come caused by fear of what people say or embarrassment or lack of confidence. It is also common when the dreamer has a sense of loneliness in real life. Consider that important people missing in your environment.

Have you dreamed that you or someone else is crying? Tell us everything you can remember well how your relationship with the person who cries in real life and help you with your interpretation!