The crow is an animal, dreams, much identified with death. This does not mean you have to die one usually refers to the death of a period of your life. A major change is coming. Something that you usually do very often fail to do so, or, conversely, begin to do something that you did never before. Not typically involve positive changes.

Virtually all the connotations of crows are bad dream. It is a dream that can be premonitory of betrayal by someone close. Just think of all that happens around the bird to find out who it is. In dreams many times people are represented by something that reminds us of them and not their normal image.
You may also have had bad luck in some aspect of life (usually at work or love (and a third person is taking advantage of the situation is to get its own benefit.

Many times, when a young girl dreams of a raven, because doubt is his lover. It is possible that a betrayal is looming.

In the worst cases, the crow warns us of impending danger that will affect us directly. You must be prevented so it can happen. Normally, to warn of danger, the crow flies higher, in circles. SI makes up a tree is because you have the ability to avoid danger, you can be victorious and escape in time.

On the few occasions when the meaning of this dream is positive, usually refers to the wisdom of the dreamer. You will receive a lesson that will make you experience yourself in a sense of life.

There are times that you get to talk with Raven during sleep. They are special cases in which interpretation will depend on the conversation how the environment in which it occurs.

In other cases, no more important than having the dreamer Mido death. Your subconscious fears can represent this graphically by the figure of this black bird.

Have you dreamed of crows and do not know what that means? Explain your dream in detail and help you interpret it.