Surely the first thing you thought about this dream is that it’s meaning had something related with money, with payments. Quite possibly you’re right, but that’s not always the case. For the correct interpretation of that particular dream it is important that you consider all the details, as they could be clues.

Some of the meanings may have credit cards (or debit) in dreams are:

  • A debt that you have. You’re worried enough the fact failing to meet a payment on time.
  • An important payment approaches and You have no certainty of being able to take it.
  • An issue of your daily life has no all the credibility it should. Doubt it.
  • The loss of the cards during sleep symbolizes a major oversight in real life. It need not be something material you can forget an appointment or event.
  • Lack of motivation, desire to do things.
  • The importance we give to things, the value they have for you.
  • Dreams related to the savings and the ability to have when it comes to making money (or lack thereof).

You see, credit cards make dreams change their meaning too easily.

Here are some examples of the most common situations:

If you dream that you lose a credit card (without realizing or so clumsy) means forget something that will harm (or you’ve forgotten).

If you have debts in your sleep (you may look the balance with the card at an ATM) it means that you will have some complication of workplace or business.

If you steal cards mean that anyone is getting discouraged credit, take your enthusiasm to achieve something.

Have you dreamed of credit cards and still do not know what would be the correct interpretation for your particular case? Tell us without forgetting details!