Very often the dreams that appear crabs are related to some very specific personality traits of the dreamer. Usually refer to tozudería, insistence, the ease of getting angry or sulk, perseverance, among others.

It is quite a premonitory dream, it may mean something is about to happen. If it is associated with the relationship, it is a sign that will be quite hard. You will have to put a lot on your part to keep things forward. Generally speaking (without regard to specific details that surround the crab) reflects approaching some complications.

If you only dream of the crab itself (without anything appearing more) is because you need protection, you crave a dummy shell to help you with some situations that have recently appeared.

If your dream crab is walking horizontally without advancing it shows the difficulty you have to progress. Right now you do not feel able to go forward in achieving your goals and your subconscious uses the figure of this animal to show you.

The fact that many crabs appear to say that you should make an important to you or someone in your environment decision. You must not let influence and must be objective. Try to show inflexible.

If you’re eating crab during sleep is a sign of nonconformity. Think you’re worth more than others think and should not underestimating. Want to prove once you’re able to do.

If you dream that you are the crab’s because you go through a bad time. I wish I could hide for a while. You are rather low in spirits and not looking for help from others (or not find). You want to wait quietly until everything is settled by itself, though not always.

In extreme cases, crabs in dreams may represent some past trauma that has not yet managed to overcome.

Have you dreamed of crabs and want to know what it means? Tell us everything you can remember so that we can guide you in the interpretation of this curious dream.