In dreams, the corpses are very traumatic for the dreamer, is not something that is wont forget in the morning. It is unpleasant and can cause you to wake up with a start. Usually refer to some aspect of your life that no longer exists. He literally died.

To find out which part of your everyday life makes reference must be very aware of everything around the body (or bodies). Each body will be a different party is complete. Look closely where the dead is, under what conditions may have died, the state of the body ..

It is also often relate approaching a problem. The body does not have to be human. For example, the dead body of an animal is associated with problems of money or business approach. It is a bad omen.

If the corpse is in a coffin, usually something foreboding that the dreamer is going through a rough patch. In this case, you should consider the face of the deceased.

Often considered worse dream of a funeral that death itself, as referred normally a fact that has not yet happened.

If you dream of an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend (or friends) dead is a sign that the relationship you had has come to an end. Things will never be the same again. If he was a good friend (and still think it is) is very likely to happen to break this love and affection.

In this type of dream also may appear dead someone who stands out for a quality that you possess. In this sense, the dream is the method in which your subconscious is how you lost that quality.

That dream sole corpses mean the end of a stage does not have to be bad. Not all changes are bad. It may be a good thing for you.

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