The meaning of this dream is usually closely linked with everything absurd, carelessness, apathy, and the child of the inside of a person (or ourselves).

So you dream clown face, your mood will be a reflection of your own. If the clown is smiling will represent your own happiness, and if you are sad or angry, same thing.

If the clown is performing some action that may seem ridiculous mean you should desinhibirte, release you to achieve your goals, whether the scope they are. Both loving, how to work … This is not always true, because sometimes the clown is a warning that you are behaving recklessly, you’re acting without thinking and this may bring negative consequences. Only you know what real situation you find yourself with what you know the exact meaning of your dream.

To summarize a little clown behavior can reflect your own, your outgoing personality traits or may warn you that you’re being reckless.

The meaning is very different if you are a person who is afraid of clowns. In that case it will be a nightmare with a bad omen. Someone wants to hurt you and this person is symbolized by the figure of the clown. This is normally the case when, for some reason, you’re not really showing how you are.

Have you dreamed of a clown and not know what refers? Leave your comment explaining all the details of your dreams and help you decipher.