Normally, if clouds appear in your dream, it will be related to your innermost self, the part closest to your soul, your emotions. Strongly suggest different moods depending on how they display. It is a dream very strongly that certainly never fails to impress the dreamer.

For example, white clouds, which appear to be made of cotton, are interpreted how a moment of well-being, inner peace. You are an excellent point in some aspects of your life. You wish you never changed.

In contrast, the dark clouds, stormy, mean that your current situation is rage, anger or depression. You’re about to explode some complications with which you have encountered. Expect soon to end this situation. Doubts also reflect this type of clouds. Do you know how to deal with a problem, and this affects your stability.

If in your dream you show yourself walking on a cloud it is interpreted how you have total control over a situation that might seem worrying at first. You know what to do and have no problems coping with the complications what is due. However, the fact that the clouds clogging the sun means the opposite. Do not know where to attack the problem, and this will hurt. You should ask for help from people close to avoid coming to negatively affect you. Do not know what you have to do to fix it.

If only in your dream you see a beautiful clear blue sky and bright clouds, it is a good sign, love is coming into your life. You may not end the story with a relationship, because the fact that you’re excited by the appearance of someone special in your life is reflected in the same way.

The dreams in which you can see clouds, are how your subconscious reflects your inner state, your innermost emotions.

If you’ve dreamed of clouds and still do not know its meaning, leave a comment with all the details you remember and help you with your interpretation.