Dreaming of a watch is a dream that does not leave anyone indifferent. You will create many questions solventarte try. In general, the watches that appear in dreams often highlight or give special importance while in real life.

You may beat you within a project and has no more importance than this. Worried a particular date and your subconscious is that anxiety by clocks, or needles.

If you dream of a watch that turns to the opposite side than usual is because you have the feeling that you do not progress in some aspect of your life (usually loving or work). You are stagnant or even recoiling in something in particular.

Sometimes people who are terminally ill dream of a clock whose ticking stops. The clock stops working. It is a sign that they think their death approaches. It’s not a premonition or dream divination, so does not have to happen at all.

If during sleep you find yourself putting the clock (turning the dial) is because you think you should try harder to get your coveted goals. If you do not put more of you, may well not make.

However, if a tower appears in your sleep with a clock (something like Big Ben or watch movies) is because you get a card or a reward for your work. Someone will recognize your effort.

A clock ringing (either digital or one alarm cuckoo) is a sign that time is running out to finish something. Do not sleep and you have ended up. If you do not know exactly what it is, consider all the elements around the clock and you could be doing during sleep. Sure you get some clues about which represent in real life.

In other cases, the figure of the clock is used to indicate one or more numbers that might be important to you. Study well everything that happens.

Have you dreamed of watches and want to know what it means? Leave a comment with all the details you remember and will help with their interpretation.