To dream of cats is possibly one of the dreams with more variants in the world. It can mean anything from an independent spirit, feminine sexuality, creativity and power to misfortune and bad luck. Much of this depends on whether you like cats or not.

In many cases, cats also mean a betrayal or deceit in which you’re involved.
Black cat: It depends what you dream associated with them – so they can be good or bad luck – ie events working for or against you, anxiety.

A cat scratches: for some reason you feel threatened.

Cat Claws: anger, desire to hurt, hidden aggression.

Cat with kittens: the desire to receive or feelings about babies or fertility itself.

Save the life of a cat: is the way you have to tell your subcosciente you are claiming (maybe unknowingly) more independence or power.

The fear of cats: Difficulty in fulfilling feelings and intuition, sense of danger.

Group of cats: Group of women in relation to different moods or feelings.

If you are allergic to cats: mean a negative reaction to a situation or relationship.

Dreaming of an adorable cat: Feelings about the vulnerability or childhood feelings about caring for someone or something vulnerable. You feel protective over someone. If you have children, possibly over them.

Dream of talking cat: Ability to express feminine feelings, intuition or sexuality, one embodiment of the feeling of physical hunger or emotional or sexual attraction.

White Cat: You can represent your feminine intuition and a connection to the natural beauty in you, although in some cases referred to difficult times ahead.

Wild Cat: The ferocity, cunning ability to survive.

Have You dreamed of a cat and we have not explained the meaning of what happened in your dream? Leave a comment explaining with details and we will help!